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Parallel Seduction

ParallelSeduction_DKnightBook 3 of the Parallel Series by D. Knight

The first two books were very good. And that was why I picked this one up. But…. There are just too many paradoxes that some of the story lines contradict each other. And I’m the kind of reader who likes the story to make sense. Then again there are readers out there who does not mind that very much as long as the story-telling quality is good. Which it is, well, for the last one-quarter of the book anyway. For the first three quarters of the book took me about two months to read. I literally have to force myself to finish reading the book just because I do not like “not-finish-reading-a-book”. But it was hard going. The thing that saves this book from being a total no-reader is the author’s story-telling quality. D.K. can spin a tale even with a very badly plotted paradoxes as this book is. And that is a real talent.

Rating: 1 cherry out of 5


Warrior Jake Tierny travels back in time to stop a traitor in his beloved king’s camp. But when a twist of fate proves the mission unnecessary, Jake is trapped in a time not his own, with friends who cannot learn his true identity. Scott Dillon may be the king’s trusted lieutenant, but he is also a man at war with himself, a human hybrid who refuses to succumb to the Antousian nature he abhors-and that Jake Tierny embodies. FBI linguist Hope Harper refuses to let near-blindness keep her from joining the Refarians in their war to defend mankind. Yet her sizzling attraction to both Scott and Jake, and the strange memories they share, force all three to question the core of their beliefs. As their enemies surround them, Hope knows she must choose one man for all time.

Excerpt taken from the author’s website at : on 16/06/2009.




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The Elvenbane

The Elvenbane by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey

Rating: 4 out of 5 cherries

My Review:

Five out of five for the story-telling quality. Three out of five for the story per sey. The book did hold my interest but I just felt that it wasn’t as absorbing as the Obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. Still made me buy the second book, The Elvenblood. Waiting patiently for it to arrive in the post. And will most likely read more of M. Lackey and A. Norton offerings.


When Serina Daeth, favorite concubine of the Elf-Lord Dyran, conceives a half-blood child by him, she flees his wrath into the desert, where she quickly succumbs. But the child, born in Serina’s dying moments, is rescued by a friendly dragon and raised with her own draconic brood. As the child Shana grows, she develops prodigious sorcerous powers–so strong that it seems she might be the fabled Elvenbane, powerful enough to free the enslaved humans from their elven oppressors. The dragons come to fear her unplumbed power, though, and cast her out. With a renegade elf-lord and his half-blood servant, and the aid of her remaining dragon friends, Shana prepares to challenge the elfish supremacy. Though battle is joined, a sequel is plainly on the way. Thoroughly rooted in genre traditions–with elves, dragons, unicorns, and sorcerers–but some variations make it more enjoyable than the average example: theses elves and unicorns, for instance, are cruel and dangerous, where in most fantasies they are shining examples of superhuman purity. Overall, then, despite shallow characters and a lack of real tension (we never doubt that Shana and friends will succeed), an entertaining adventure.

Halfblood Chronicles in chronological order:
Elvenbane by Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton
Elvenblood by Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton
Elvenborn by Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton
Elvenbred by Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton

Excerpt and above info were taken from the author’s website at : on 15/06/2009. Cherry

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Celtic Nation weekend

Whew… just got back from the camping trip from the Celtic Nation Show. Which turned out to be not much of a show because of the rain!

And this is the fantastic view from the campsite. Celtic Nation has a website at: The website probably hasn’t been updated for like the last three years or so though, so the info there was true about three years ago. But the vicinity of the location is more or less the same.

And this is Mike’s zephyr. Sounds like a dragon to me! As in the dragon Zaphira in Eragon by Paolini…. 🙂 And no, Mike’s zyphyr is not a dragon, it’s a Kawasaki motorbike. He built it himself.


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