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Visual representations: Heroes so much better…

Visual representations: Heroes so much better…


It is so much better if the heroes in the books that we read about gets to have a face, don’t it? That is why I tend to buy the book with the handsome guy on the cover. Specially if faced with choices where I do not know the authors. If I know the authors, then the cover does not matter much anymore. Look I bought Jim Butcher’s Dresden files where the cover is so, so plain, I do not know what the publisher was thinking!! After I’ve read Butcher’s Alera series. But if I haven’t read the Alera series first then I would never pick up the Dresden files at all.

It sounds very superficial, I know. But look at it this way… it is a matter of art. I simply appreciate beauty. So the more handsomely presented the cover the more I would look at it twice and possibly buy it.

My point here is, visual representatations of the heroes is important…

Here are some visual representations you can pin on the heroes :



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