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  1. Cherry Mischievous authors reserve the right to express opinions in hyperbolic terms for dramatic effect.
  2. The opinion(s) expressed in this blog is that of Cherry Mischievous authors, unless stated otherwise. You do not have to agree, you just have to respect it, just as your opinion will be respected.
  3. Gifts and payments can influence opinion, however this blog will strive to give an honest an opinion as possible.
  4. Comments are moderated however this does not constitute endorsement of the comment/ideas/views upon approval. The comment/ideas/views remains the property of the contributor.
  5. This blog has links to other sites. Please note that Cherry Mischievous is not responsible for any content(s) of any of the links as they are outside the scope of this blog.
  6. Images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. In the event that there is a dispute or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional. The disputed material will be removed immediately upon proof.
  7. By entering contests for 18 or over only, you are declaring that you are 18 years old or over.
  8. For under 13s: Parental Consent is required for 13-year-olds or under to participate in any contest(s)/activity(ies) and/or even to view this blog. Please note the PG status of this blog. It is the participant(s)/blog reader’s responsibility to provide proof of this parental consent to Cherry Mischievous. Email address is provided in #11.
  9. If any of the contest(s)/giveaway(s) and/or if this blog is not in concordance to your local legislations, then it is up to the participant(s)/blog reader(s) to abide by their local laws and regulations.
  10. Cherry Mischievous reserves the right to amend, discontinue or in any way change any contest(s)/giveaway(s) in this blog without notice.
  11. For questions or clarifications, please email us.
  12. This blog is also regulated by the following Terms & Conditions.
    • v To enter any of the contests/giveaways in this blog, you usually have to fill in the corresponding form for that contest. However, if stated otherwise, please follow the instructions posted with the contest/giveaway.

      v You have to be a follower of Cherry Mischievous to enter the contests/giveaways in this blog.

      Ø If you are not a follower yet, it is very easy, all you have to do is click the “Follow” button on the Google Friend Connect box titled “Follower” on the right-hand side navigation panel of Cherry Mischievous blog.

      Ø This rule is a must. I’ve been picking winners who were not followers when I check. Their entry then has to be discarded and another winner chosen. This gets very tiring! Please make sure that you are in the followers’ list until after the winner is announced.

      Ø Please provide your Google Friend Connect name/nickname/alias (whatever) that you used to follow Cherry Mischievous, so that when I check the followers’ list I would find you. Because if I do not find your Google Friend Connect name that you provided, your entry gets chucked away. If you need help regarding this aspect of the contest/giveaway, we would be glad to help. Email us.

      v If you have to review the book if you win it:

      Ø You don’t have to be a blogger to enter the contest. Nor do you have to have a website. You can post your review on any free online book review facilities like amazon, goodreads, shelfari, etc. As long as I can see your review online. Or you can post your review on a free social network like Facebook and/or MySpace, as long as your review can be seen.

      Ø You can word your review in any way you like and the format is also entirely up to you. If you need help with the wording or format or anything at all, shoot us an email.

      Ø Honesty is encouraged. Please do not hesitate to belt your view.

      v By entering any contest in Cherry Mischievous, you are consenting to having your review and/or details used in any form or shape for promotional purposes by Cherry Mischievous, the sponsor and it’s subsidiaries or parent companies, the author(s) and his/her agency(ies), and/or any marketing/publishing agency connected to this book/series/movie/product.

      Ø Information that you provide for this contest will not be sold or passed on to third parties. It will only be used in line with the purposes of this contest, which is mainly to promote and market the product. Please see our Privacy Policy.

      v Open to international readers so long as you are accessible to the postal service, unless otherwise stated.

      v EXTRA ENTRIES. You can gain extra entries by spreading the word about the contest. But, you have to provide a means to check that you’ve done so. Extra entries increases your chances of winning.

      Ø The best way to do this is to provide the url address where your post about this contest can be seen. Does not have to be a blog post. It could be anything or anywhere in the webysphere! So long as it can be seen. You get an extra point for every valid url that you send for your entry.

      § If you helped spread the word about this contest by emailing it to friends, then you can forward your email to us. You get an extra point to every email you forward to.

      § If you tweet about it, please provide the individual tweet’s url and not your profile’s url because if it does not get checked straight away and you have like a million tweets by then, your tweet about this contest won’t be visible anymore.

      § If you posted your extra entry credit after you signed-up for the contest, you can post the url address in a comment in this contest post. Just please make sure that you provide the same Google Friend Connect name with your extra entry so that your extra entry can be married/credited to your contest entry and not mistakenly give the extra entry credits to someone else.

      v How do I pick the winner? I do it the reliable, good, old fashioned way. I place your name in a little piece of paper and put it in the hat. (Or mixing bowl). Cover it with a plate so that the pieces of papers don’t fall out of the bowl. Give it a good shake to mix them all up. Close my eyes and pick one paper. And viola! We have a winner! And drives my boyfriend up the wall… So gotta do it when he’s in work 🙂

      Ø If you have gained extra entry credits, this means that: the number of extra credits you have is the number of pieces of paper with your name in it is placed in the bowl. The more papers there are with your name in it in the bowl, the more chances of your name getting picked as the winner.

      v This Disclaimer forms part of the Contest Rules.

      v Under 18?

      Ø If it is an adult book, you cannot join the contest if you are under 18! Sorry!!

      Ø There will be more upcoming contests so don’t worry, there will be more books and prizes for you to win!

      v Questions? Clarifications? Suggestions? Objections? Email us.

  14. ALLERGY DISCLAIMER. If you have any food allergy or any allergy of anything at all, it is your obligation to check the prizes, i.e., food prizes like chocolates with nuts, if you are allergic to them or not. And if you are, it is strongly suggested that you do not eat it! It is your responsibility to ensure that you avoid any/all of the items which you are allergic to. Cherry Mischievous waives any liabilities concerning any allergic consequences arising and/or connected with/from this blog and that it is not the responsibility of Cherry Mischievous.

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